Garage Conversion: Plumbing the New Space

When planning a garage conversion, many homeowners decide to add an auxiliary bathroom or kitchen extension. Depending on the water needs for the new home space, a plumber will need to be employed to work out the piping and drainage issues. Plumbing a garage conversion properly can save a homeowner thousands in future water damage and drainage issues.

A garage, more often than not, has concrete flooring in place. This concrete flooring can be used as a subfloor for many types of floor coverings, but, if a homeowner wishes to add plumbing to the new space, there are only two ways to achieve the desired results. A plumber can either run the plumbing beneath a newly built subfloor or tear up some concrete.

If the garage has more than enough headroom to accept a subfloor, plumbing your new space will be easy. A subfloor built with either 2X4 or 2X6 construction is the best way to lay underlying plumbing. When the subfloor is still in the planning stages, the plumber will rewrite the plans with the general contractor to include the piping and drainage systems needed for the new space specifics. Plumbers will commonly plan a new bathroom or kitchen extension against the same wall as existing plumbing. This will cost the homeowner much less money by utilizing the existing plumbing drains and water pipes for the new space.

If a subfloor cannot be built into the garage conversion, the plumber will have to lay the pipes beneath the concrete. To achieve this goal, the concrete will have to be cut out in slabs. Plumbers will plan the cuts with the general contractor within inches of the existing plumbing. Cutting concrete is a labor-intensive, dirty, and loud job. Homeowners will need to clear the garage entirely before making the first cut. Once the slabs of concrete have been removed, the plumber will be able to lay the new plumbing, and the garage conversion will move on to further stages.

Garage conversion is an easy and inexpensive way to add square footage to an existing home. When choosing the specific use for space, if the homeowner wishes to have plumbing run, the plumber will either be able to run plumbing under a subfloor or the existing concrete. Whichever choice is best for the garage conversion, space will be the vision of a homeowners dream.